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North Tapps Student/Parent Extracurricular Activities Handbook

Extracurricular Activities Handbook

CLUBS 2021-2022

Club: Jazz Band

Advisor: Mr. Spring


Club: Math Club

Advisor: Mr. Sullivan


Club: POWER Club

Advisor: Mrs. Roscoe


Club: Red Peppers

(8th Only)

Advisor: Mrs. Garmey /Mr. Spring

Club: Robotics

(6th Only)

Advisor: Mr. Koosmann

Club: Science Club

Advisor: Mrs. Pritchett


Club: Robotics Competition

(7th/8th Only)

Advisor: Mr. Koosmann

Club: Chopped Club/Sewing

Advisor: Mrs. Watkins


ACTIVITIES 2021-2022

Art Show

Advisor: Mrs. Leiker


Advisor: Mrs. Garmey

Knowledge Bowl TBD

Advisor: Mrs. Sage

Spring Play

Advisor: Mrs. McCann

Talent Show

Advisor: Mrs. Garmey /Mr. Spring


Advisor: Mr. Bang/Mrs. Keaton

Veteran's Day Speech Contest

Advisor: Mr. Keaton

Battle of the Books

Advisor: Mrs. O'Donnell /TBD