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Bus Schedules

If you are having trouble finding the best stop for your students, you are welcome and encouraged to call the transportation office for assistance.


Director of Operations

Pat Webster

Office : 253-862-6703


Aaron Swepston

Office : 253-862-6703

  • Bus routes are organized by neighborhoods and/or main streets and crossroads. Most students will be riding with the same bus and driver that they are used to.
  • Look in the route name for your neighborhood or, if your neighborhood does not have a name look for the main street or crossroad that is nearest to your home.

(Example: Quietwater or 214th & 16th)

  • AM - Runs to school, PM - Runs to Home
  • There is a map that is closely associated with each set of routes and the circled numbers will closely coincide with the bus stops in the accompanying text document.
  • The bus stop times are approximate and at the beginning of the school year, it will take a few days to dial in the bus stop time accuracy.
  • A student will never be denied transportation because of the lack of/lost/or damaged bus pass.

Bus Routes